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Business Assistance Program


Prepare and equip people with a business spirit through development, promotion, and business protection to ensure that business growth is feasible.


Long Term Objective:

Our key long term objective consists in promoting new businesses that will generate new employment opportunities for citizens in and around Oklahoma City. This will happen through the development of innovation and the exposition of innovative people and individuals in similar circumstances.

What this means is the development of relations and strategic associations with those who make business opportunities possible including local chambers, in Oklahoma City, government agencies, local business and the academy to maximize resources.  


Business workshops:

The workshops offered by the Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Center of Economic Development are designed to satisfy the needs of all business owners. These workshops offer information regarding developing and business forecast, inventory control, trade, managerial control, strategic analysis, time paperwork, cash flow and much more. These tools will give you the necessary knowledge to run your business in an effective manner and to prepare you for future growth.


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