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    Welcome to the Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


    Business Assistance and Workforce Development Program


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  • Mission

    Prepare entrepreneur minded people for successful business by developing, promoting and protecting businesses in the greater Oklahoma City area and to support the advancement, education and economic growth of the community.


    Objectives and Key Long Term Objective

    The key objectives for the incubators are based on the principle of generating wealth and employment that facilitate reinvestment in the community through new and/or existing business. The following objectives are cornerstones to BDC:


    • Contribute to the economic development of the Oklahoma City area;
    • Be a contributor for future employment growth;
    • Provide a graduating scale for low cost facility rental;
    • Promote diversification of new and innovative ideas;
    • Provide technical, financial, business, and marketing support for business start-ups.

    Our main objectives are based on the need to provide entrepreneurs the utmost level of support to ensure that business growth is feasible. It's important for the businesses to grow and to succeed.

    The key long-term objective is to promote new businesses that will create new employment opportunities for the citizens in and around the Oklahoma City area. This will be realized through the development of innovation and exposing innovators to individuals in similar circumstances. This means developing relationships and strategic partners with those who enable entrepreneurship, including the local chambers of Oklahoma City, government agencies, local businesses and academia to maximize resources.

    Formulating measurable objectives will be influential in assessing the incubators performance. The key measures will include: employment created by graduate businesses, number of business graduates, and growth in client sales.


    Get Business Workshops

    The workshops offered by the The Oklahoma Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Development Center are designed to meet the needs of all business owners. These workshops offer information on how to develop your business forecast, inventory control, target marketing, management control, strategic analysis, time management, cash flow and more. These tools will arm you with the necessary knowledge to run your business smoother and prepare for future growth.