Open Arms Clinic
    Job Description
    Department:    Pharmacy
    Reports To:     Pharmacist
    The following job description represents the primary duties and responsibilities of this position, but is not to be construed as including every task or duty inherent in the job.
    Summary of Position:
    The Pharmacy Technician performs a variety of tasks within the pharmacy to provide assistance to and under the direct supervision of the clinic Pharmacist.  These tasks range from receiving, organizing and preparing medications to signing medications out to patients and making reminder phone calls, as well as other clerical duties.  This position requires initiative to accomplish necessary duties autonomously without continual oversight.  As an employee of a nonprofit organization, the Pharmacy Technician is expected to take part in additional activities intended to support the ongoing mission of Open Arms Clinic.
    1. Maintain familiarity with pharmacy policies & procedures, as well as federal and state laws pertaining to pharmacy practice.
    2. Check all stock medications for expiration dates & pull expired medications for disposal (including pharmacy refrigerator & lab refrigerator); check medication samples for expiration and pull for donation to another agency.
    3. Contact patients to remind them about medications waiting to be picked up and return to stock in appropriate “locked” storage areas those medications which have not been picked up after no less than 60 days; assist with calling patients regarding re-enrollment with RXOK as needed.
    4. Assist in maintaining donated samples log/pricing for all medication samples received/donated to Open Arms Clinic; pick up donated samples for the clinic as needed.
    5. Sort sample medications received, label with expiration dates and place in appropriate storage area; maintain active knowledge of available samples and restock sample cabinets as needed and in accordance with the availability of medication samples.
    6. Check-in and process all medications received that are labeled from RX for Oklahoma  (labeling & bagging medications, recording information in designated logs or tracking reports, calling patients for medication pick up, and turning all orders in to RX for Oklahoma once completed (all non-labeled medications need to be taken to pharmacy for labels/filling)).
    7. Prepare patient medications under the supervision of a licensed Pharmacist for the Clinic – including pulling medications, adhering labels, pouring & counting, checking that all prescription information is correct on label and initialing all filled prescriptions upon completion.
    8. Maintain a progressive knowledge of the Pharmacy software program and Electronic Health Record software for the clinic; provide accurate data entry as needed.
    9. Check medication inventory routinely and order as needed upon approval from Pharmacist; at the end of the day, file prescriptions and any refill stickers in designated file folders/logs.
    1. Assist in checking out medications to patients coming to the clinic for pick up as needed.
    2. Answer the pharmacy phone & assist patients with questions (excluding medication questions and/or counseling questions).
    3. Maintain the entire pharmacy area to be free from dust, dirt, trash and/or debris; sweep pharmacy floor and empty pharmacy trash as needed.
    4. Break down accumulated boxes from pharmacy acquisitions and deposit these boxes in the dumpster outside of the clinic.
    5. Check $4 medication lists; update all clinic medication folders with any changes.
    6. Pick up medications ordered from County Pharmacy as needed.
    7. Maintain/clean Kirby Lester Pill Counter as needed.                     
    8. Maintain CPR licensure and all required immunizations per protocol.
    9. Secure Protected Health Information (PHI) by safeguarding patient medical information, following PHI protocols, and depositing PHI in secure document destruction receptacles. 
    10. Act independently and responsibly to perform duties on a consistent basis and in accordance with the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy when applicable.
    11. Maintain continual education requirements and any necessary training as required by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.
    12. Maintain knowledge of and uphold all core values and policies and procedures established by Open Arms Clinic. (Yearly training for pharmacy tech training)
    13. Medical Assistance may be needed; prepare clinic exam rooms for patient visits and conclusion of each day; patient screening/triage/ nursing assistance
    14. Perform other tasks as assigned.
    Necessary Skills:
    • Must be able take direction on a continual basis while acting autonomously as required
    • Ability to communicate effectively with patients, caregivers, providers, and clinic administration
    • Must have a good working knowledge of and effectively use a variety of computer programs
    • Must be able to use standard office equipment effectively (e.g. phone system, fax/copier, etc.)
    • Must be able to prioritize tasks according to importance and utilize good time management skills
    • Must be detail-oriented and compliance-minded
    • Must demonstrate initiative and maintain a teamwork approach to the clinic environment as a whole
    • Must maintain sensitivity to the spiritual needs of patients and willingly pray for them as needed
    • High School Diploma or GED (verification required)
    • Current Pharmacy Technician license as required by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy
    • Applicable healthcare/pharmacy experience preferred
    • Willingness to work a variable schedule according to the needs of the pharmacy/clinic
    • Must be able to sit/stand for extended periods and safely lift up to 50lbs.
    • Strong commitment to the vision and mission of Open Arms Clinic

    Email RESUME TO : tnguyen@openarmsclinicokc.org
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